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About Arcos

We Work in All Media

because they’re increasingly interconnected: Film, video, web, digital publishing and combinations thereof. Equally important, we share our content freely with partner organizations, and create innovative, broad-reaching distribution programs to encourage citizens to engage, participate and spread the word.

We Focus on Culture

because it’s the most powerful human force in the world. Culture is the collective will of 7 billion people. It determines what we hold to be important, and therefore what we will apply our efforts, aspirations, funds and time to. When cultural values change, economic and political change always follows.

We Work Around Politics

because they’re increasingly divisive. We continually review our content to be sure it adheres to our nonpartisan mission, and is as much as possible, objective. We embrace ideas from any side, as long as they stand up to rigorous scrutiny, as practical and achievable solutions that are scientifically defensible.

We Chose Our Name

from the Latin for arc. Imagine the world like an airline map. Arcs bounce between people and places, issues and impacts, crossing continents in our increasingly interlinked world. This expanding web of interconnections is our global culture – the shared belief system, growing more powerful each day, that drives our collective thought and action.

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